The beginning of a year is a great opportunity to introduce changes. Numerous resolutions, sacrifice and fascinating plans. It’s high time to do something that we have been thinking or secretly dreamed about for a long time. We have already done this!

The latest collection JAI KUDO is a combination of bold, creatively colourful rims along with the hand-made art. Fashion meets the expectations of the clients through creating collections which exceed all the current standards. Excellent Italian and French acetates, traditional hand-made craft and freshness of the ideas show results in a wide collection that is matched up to needs of the most demanding clients.

JAI KUDO is a guide to the colours and trends in 2016! It is time for changes, the best time for the British rims.

Before rims land in stores all over the world, they are taken care of by over 70 craftsmen. Scrupulousness and long-standing experience result in hand-made rims with the peerlessly highest quality.

The European workmanship even better match the needs of the extraordinary clients.

The Italian and French materials are used in the production of the rims. That is why our rims look so good!

In our rims there is no place for compromise. The design and workmanship are joined by the VISOTTICA spring hinges which are the best in the world.

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We create only 50 items of these rims and send them all over the world. It is a good reason to call them unique.